Service and repair

"We are your broken spring experts"

Replace a pair of torsion springs parts & labor for $295.00 plus sales tax. This is for a standard 16' x 7' sectional garage door. Insulated & 8' high doors: add $20.00 extra per spring. Wood doors are priced depending on weight of door, usually $20.00 extra per spring.

While at your home, we can replace all 10 rollers on your sectional door for an extra $50.00 (this includes labor). This would make for a quieter & smoother running door. The typical door installed today have rollers with the same cycle life as the springs. We would replace with 10 ball steel rollers with a cycle life of 20,000.

We are your broken spring experts

We use oil tempered coated springs from Service Spring Corp., warrantied for 3 years, parts & labor. Some of our competition only warranties the springs and you're still liable for the labor cost. We replace both springs on a 2 car garage door. Springs break when they hit their cycle life, which means the other spring will break soon after. Some of our competition likes to replace only the broken spring, because they know, you'll be calling back in less than 6 months for the other one.

  • Replace broken springs on a 16' x 7' sectional garage door for $295.00 + tax
  • Replace broken spring on an 8' x 7' for only $199.00 + tax
  • Replace LiftMaster or Craftsman opener gear assembly for $129.00 + tax
  • Prices include parts & labor

Our Residential Service call is 125.00 plus parts. Some of our competition charges $45.00 when they arrive and another $45.00 to go to work on your door. We feel this is not a responsible way to treat customers. If we can't fix the door, we don't charge you.

Cables off? We can reset them.

  • Broken Cables - $35.00 a pair plus $125.00 service call
  • Bent track or broken hinges, they can be replaced. We charge $5.00 a hinge or roller, some door companies like to charge $15.00 per roller.
  • Damaged Section? It can be replaced if still in production. If more than 2 sections need to replaced, it becomes cost effective to replace the whole door.

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